DJSlave1 (slave1) wrote in uniform_fetish,

Disintegration pictures from Sat July 14th!

This past Saturday we had a special "Uniform" themed night at Disintegration, the clubnight I run. We had some neat outfits, although I wish there had been more people that dressed up. The gas mask theme we had last month seemed to go over better. :) Maybe it's because it BLAZING hot here right now and the last thing people wanted to do was wear a full uniform. I know I personally didn't wear the original outfit I had wanted to wear since it was so hot out. :(
Still, hope you enjoy these. :)

(I put uniform pictures first and regular club pictures after)

Early in the night... sorry I didn't get any later when the floor was packed...

It was also an Interpol CD release party...

every Saturday
@ The Atrium
554 South Broadway
Denver, CO
21+ only
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